Hemphill Polaris BPM is a world class tool specifically designed for the management of tower site development. From Land Acquisition to Lightbulb, Hemphill Polaris BPM gets the job done.

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Getting started

To get started with Hemphill's Business Process Management system please contact our office in order to get credentials, as well as resources on how to use Polaris BPM.

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Tower Site Development Specification

Our Tower Site Development Specification (TSDS) has been refined over several generations to streamline the tower building process. It is available here for Vendors and Contractors to reference while working for Hemphill.



Hemphill LLC has a proud legacy stretching back over 58 years. This legacy includes innovation at every step and every turn. Hemphill Polars BPM is this generations answer to solving the complex problems in today's evolving technological world. To learn more about Hemphill's legacy click below.

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